Meeting Documents

1 . Procedural Matters

  • (a)  Declaration of Substitutes: Where Councillors are unable to attend a meeting, a substitute Member from the same Political Group may attend, speak and vote in their place for that meeting.

  • (b)  Declarations of Interest:

  • (a)   Disclosable pecuniary interests

  • (b)   Any other interests required to be registered under the local code;

  • (c)   Any other general interest as a result of which a decision on the matter might reasonably be regarded as affecting you or a partner more than a majority of other people or businesses in the ward/s affected by the decision.

  • In each case, you need to declare (i)   the item on the agenda the interest relates to;

  • (ii)   the nature of the interest; and

  • (iii) whether it is a disclosable pecuniary interest or some other interest.

  • If unsure, Members should seek advice from the

  • committee lawyer or administrator preferably before the meeting.
  • (c) Exclusion of Press and Public: To consider whether, in view of the nature of the business to be transacted, or the nature of the proceedings, the press and public should be excluded from the meeting when any of the following items are under consideration.

  • NOTE: Any item appearing in Part Two of the Agenda states in its heading the category under which the information disclosed in the report is exempt from disclosure and therefore not available to the public.

  • A list and description of the exempt categories is available for public inspection at Brighton and Hove Town Halls.



2 . Royal Pavilion and Museums - Extending the Transition into Trust

3 . Covid-19 Designation of Officers for enforcement purposes

4 . Covid19 - Financial response and implications for the Council