1. Apologies For Absence

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2. Minutes

  • To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the Policy and Resources Committee meeting held on 7 September 2020 and the Extraordinary Policy and Resources Committee meeting held on 30 September 2020.

3. Notice For Other Business

  • Items of other business notified under Council Procedure Rule 30 to be announced, together with the special circumstances that justify their consideration as a matter of urgency. The Chairman to rule on the admission of such items.

4. Declaration Of Interests

  • To receive any declarations of interest.

5. Local Development Scheme

  • This report seeks Member’s approval of a revised Local Development Scheme. 

6. Membership Of The Sub-Committees of Policy and Resource Committee

  • To consider the membership of the four sub-committees of this Committee.


7. Budget Monitoring- Month 6 (September)

  • Budget monitoring report is a key tool in scrutinising the Council’s financial performance. It is designed to provide an overview to all relevant stakeholders. It is essential that the council monitors its budgets throughout the year to ensure that it is meeting its strategic objectives and that corrective action is taken where necessary.
  • This report seeks approval to a change in the Committee’s 2020-23 medium-term revenue financial plan. The report shows the Council’s overall consolidated medium term financial plan for both revenue and capital.

8. Work Programme

  • To receive the Committee’s work programme.

9. Motions Under Procedure Rule 11