Meeting Documents

Chairman's Announcements

  • At the request of the chairman, the Strategic Group Manager referred to the following change to the Council’s Constitution that was agreed at Full Council on 18 October 2018 and which had immediate effect:-Any decisions made by the Planning Committee that were contrary to approved policy and officer recommendations be referred to Full Council for ratification (or overturning) prior to the issuing of a decision notice.

1 . Apologies

  • To receive apologies for absence

  • Minutes:

  • Apologies were received from Cllrs Carole Allaway Martin and James Bevan (There were no substitutes

2 . Minutes

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  • To confirm and sign the minutes of the planning committee meeting held on 9 October 2018.

  • Minutes:

  • The minutes of the meeting held on 9 October 2018 were not agreed and were deferred to the next meeting for clarification on item 8.2 as raised by Cllr Williams.

3 . Urgent Business

  • The chairman to identify any items of urgent business

  • Minutes:

  • There was no urgent business

4 . Declarations Of Interest

  • View the declarations of interest for item 4
  • To receive any declarations of interest in any matter to be discussed at the meeting. Members and officers are requested to identify the nature of the interest

  • Minutes:

  • Cllr Robinson declared a prejudicial interest in item 5.1 P1307/17/FUL Latchen, Land Off Old Monmouth Road, Longhope as he knew the agent personally.  He stated that he would leave the meeting for this item

5 . Schedule Of Applications

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  • To consider the schedule of applications as prepared by the Group Manager for Planning and Housing

  • Additional Documents:

  • November 2018 late material
  • Minutes:

  • Cllr Burford, chairman of the committee, referred to the schedule of planning applications as prepared by the Strategic Group Manager under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, and to the late material circulated before the meeting.For reasons of clarity, the items were recorded in agenda order.

5.1 . P1307/17/FUL Latchen Land Off Old Monmouth Road Longhope

  • Erection of one detached house, construction of a new entrance, and the carrying out of associated works.

5.2 . P0646/18/FUL Hartpury Mill Hartpury

  • Demolition of agricultural building and removal of existing outdoor horse-riding area.Construction of indoor horse-riding facility and outdoor horse-riding area for commercial use and personal competitive use. Modification of existing vehicular entrance and creation of new driveway

5.3 . P0848/18/APP Land Off Chartist Way Staunton

  • Application for Approval of Reserved Matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) of outline planning permission P1871/15/OUT for the erection of 27 dwellings.

5.4 . P0998/18/OUT Richard Read Transport Monmouth Road Longhope

  • Outline application for a B1, B2 or B8 use

5.5 . P1051/18/OUT Land Adjoining 4 Sedbury Lane Tutshill

  • Outline application for the erection of up to a 3 no. dwellings with associated works. (some matters reserved)

5.6 . P1175/18/FUL Cinderford Enterprise Centre Valley Road Cinderford

  • Erection of a medical centre with linked ancillary works and site clearance.

6 . Date Of Next Meeting

  • 11 December 2018