1 . Apologies for Absence 

2 . Declarations of Interest

  • Members and Officers are invited to make any declarations of pecuniary, personal and/or prejudicial interests that they may have in relation to items on this agenda, and are reminded that they should re-declare their interest before consideration of the item or as soon as the interest becomes apparent.

3 . Public Question Time 

  • To receive questions from the public (for a period of up to 15 minutes)

4 . Questions from Members with pecuniary/prejudicial interests

  • To receive questions from Members with pecuniary/prejudicial interests (for a period of up to 15 minutes)

5 . Petitions 

  • To consider any petitions received from the public.

6 . Minutes 

  • To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the Meetings of the Council held on 15 and 22 July 2020

7 . Chairmans Announcements 

  • To receive such announcements as the Chairman may desire to lay before the Council.

 8 . Urgent Matters

  • To deal with business not otherwise specified in the Council summons which, in the opinion of the Chairman of the Council (in consultation with the Chief Executive), is business of such urgency as to require immediate attention by the Council.

9 . Cabinet - 20 July 2020

  • The Chairman, Councillor Dr Walsh, will present the Minutes from the meeting of Cabinet held on 20 July 2020.  There is a recommendation at:

10 . Housing and Customer Services Work Group

  • The Chairman, Councillor Bennett, will present the Minutes from the meeting of the Housing & Customer Services Working Group held on 21 July 2020.

11 . Development Control Committee - 29th July 2020

  •  The Chairman, Councillor Bennett, will present the Minutes from the meeting of the Development Control Committee held on 29 July 2020.  There are no recommendations.

12 . Audit & Governance Committee - 30th July  

  • The chairman, Councillor Mrs Erskine, will present the Minutes from the meeting of the Audit and Governance Committee held on 30 July 2020. There are recommendations at: 
  • Minute 156
  • Minute 157 

13 . Constitution Working Party - 17th August 2020

  • The Chairman, Councillor Mrs Yeates, will present the Minutes from the meeting of the Constitution Working Party held on 17 August 2020.  There are no recommendations.  However, there are a series of recommendations to consider as set out in the minutes from the second part of the meeting deferred to 24 August 2020.
  • The extracts from the Constitution listed below and discussed at this meeting and the meeting held on 24 August 2020 will form a separate pack and will be circulated separately to this agenda ·         Part 1 – Summary and Explanation·         Part 2 – Articles of the Constitution·         Part 3 – Responsibility for Functions·         Part 4 – Officer Scheme of Delegation; and·         Part 5 – Meeting Procedure Rules  
  • Report

14 . Constitution Working Party - 24th August 2020

  • The Chairman, Councillor Mrs Yeates, will present the Minutes from the meeting of the Constitution Working Party held on 24 August 2020.  There are a series of recommendations at:
  • o   Minute 15 [Draft Constitution – Parts 1 to 5] – the amended extracts to the Constitution will be circulated separately in an individual pack
  • PART 1
  • PART 2
  • PART 3

15 . Overview Select Committee - 1st September 2020

  • The Chairman, Councillor Northeast, will present the Minutes from the meeting of the Overview Select Committee held on 1 September 2020. 

16 . Motions 

  • This is from the Green and Liberal Democrat Group. The Council declared a Climate Emergency at Full Council in January 2020.  Whilst welcoming much good ecological work that is ongoing, such as tree planting and the planned creation of Green Infrastructure, further action is required.  The Council will review and update the bio-diversity policies within the Local Plan, informed by a new Bio-Diversity Action Plan 2021-2026 to be created.  This Action Plan to include consideration of the following: ·         A local Nature Reserve site map, showing existing wildlife areas, parks, green spaces, woods and marine protected and other areas such as churchyards and school fields, to inform new development and ensure habitat is joined up.·         Reviewing recognised and potential wildlife corridors and areas of protection and looking at ways of joining them to provide wider foraging areas.·         SPD covering new guidelines for developers on including wild areas and ‘pocket parks’ as part of planting as well as ensuring the areas are maintained.  With such high levels of building, these areas will ensure stepping-stones of bio-diversity across the district.·         Ensuring the increased planting of wild areas in council owned parks and properties·         Including information for the public about the purpose and importance of wilding·         Managing invasive species·         Promoting opportunities for community engagement for activities such as tree planting and the creation of wildflower areas as well as looking after such spaces·         Launching a public awareness campaign to encourage and promote wildlife-friendly gardening in the district, including pesticide awareness·         Setting a target for the council to phase out the use of glyphosates and to join the growing number of councils that are pesticide free·         Commissioning a report into watercourses and aquifers in the district and strengthening measures to prevent pollution caused by chemicals that leach into the soil and water from farming and run off 
  • This Council recognises the impact Covid-19 continues to have across the District, and in particular the economic uncertainty it has presented. Council notes the continuing opportunity for Bognor Regis to play a major part in the economic growth of the District and the necessary regeneration required to support such growth.  Council believes that the prospects of regeneration of Bognor Regis will be strengthened if proposals are developed through an open and meaningful consultation, and that all prospective developers are given the opportunity to make presentations to the viability of regeneration schemes.  This Council wishes to extend an invitation to the Sir Richard Hotham Project (SRHP), and any other prospective developer to present the merits of their scheme in a presentation, face to face, or virtual, at their earliest convenience.  Officers are instructed to facilitate such arrangements

17 . Questions from Members 

  • To consider general questions from members in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 13.3

18. Committee Memberships 

  • The Leader of the Council will report the following changes to Committee Memberships that need to be noted by the Council, as set out below:
  • Councillor Bower to replace Councillor Dendle on the Audit & Governance Committee;
  • Councillor Roberts to replace Councillor Mrs Madeley on the Constitution Working Party;
  • Councillor Mrs Caffyn to replace Councillor Cooper on the Littlehampton Regeneration Sub-Committee;
  • Councillor Hughes to replace Councillor Mrs Pendleton on the Planning Policy Sub-Committee;
  •  Councillor Bicknell to replace Councillor Dendle on the Housing & Customer Services Working Group;
  • Councillor Mrs Cooper to replace Councillor Clayden on the Overview Select Committee; and
  • Councillor Clayden to replace Councillor Mrs Caffyn on the Staff Appeals Panel

19 . Representation on outside Bodies

  • The Council is asked to approve any changes to its representation on Outside Bodies.