1. Apologies for Absence

Minutes: none

2. Communications

  • To receive any communications or letters which the Mayor or Chief Executive may have to bring before the Council.

Minutes: none

3. Minutes

  •  To receive the minutes of the previous meeting.

Minutes: none

4. Declarations of Interest

  • Members are reminded that at the start of the meeting they should declare any known interests in any matter to be considered, and also during the meeting if it becomes apparent that they have an interest in the matters being discussed.

Minutes: none

5. Public Question Time

Minutes: none

6. Minutes for Confirmation

  • It is anticipated that there will be Minutes for Confirmation from the meeting of the Cabinet to be held on 12th July 2023 in respect of the following agenda items (i) Priorities of the new Administration (Agenda item 5 of the Cabinet), (ii) Budget Management - Outturn 2022-23 (Agenda item 6 of the Cabinet), and (iii) North Meadow and Clattinger Farm Special Area of Conservation: Interim Recreation Mitigation Strategy 2023-2028 (Agenda item 11 of the Cabinet). These Minutes for Confirmation will be circulated under separate cover. 

  • It is anticipated that there will be Minutes for Confirmation from the meeting of the Chief Officer Appointments Sub-Committee to be held on 10th July 2023 in respect of the following agenda item Recruitment Process for Chief Executive. The Minute for Confirmation will be circulated under separate cover. 

Minutes: none

7. Motions

Minutes: none

7a Motion - Antisocial Parking

  • Councillor Dan Adams will move and Councillor Jake Chandler will second:

  • This Council: 
  • Notes that inconsiderately parked vehicles are a particular hazard to many people including those with visual impairments, mobility issues, parents with young children, and residents who will face difficulties with placing waste and recycling on the pavement for collection.

  • Pavement parking and parking on grass verges causes considerable damage to footpaths and public spaces

  • This Council therefore requests that:

  • The Leader of the Council presents a report to Cabinet within 3 months, on the feasibility of making a Traffic Regulation Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 to prohibit pavement parking throughout the Borough, allowing Exemptions in specific places where pavement parking is necessary.”

Minutes: none

7b Motion - Use of the Former Medina Nightclub

  • Councillor Anabelle Pegado will move and Councillor Lourenco Fernandes will second

  • This Council: 

  • Welcomes the commitment shown and efforts made by two Conservative Councillors in their endeavors to find a suitable venue so that all members of the Goan Community have somewhere they can meet and come together.

  • Hopes that all of our Goan Councillors commit to seeking a similarly positive resolution for the community?

  • Notes the agreement between the then Cabinet member, Council Officers and Ward Councillors in March 2023 to undertake a building condition survey of the former Medina Nightclub

  •  Expresses its disappointment at the lack of progress in starting the survey, and consequentially, bringing the building back into use.

  •  Notes that the non-domestic rates paid by the Council for the empty building is £46,000 per year

  • This Council therefore requests that

  • The Leader of the Council 

  • Requests the Chief Executive to undertake a building condition survey of the former Medina Nightclub within 90 days if not already started.

  • Presents a report to Cabinet in October on a formal process, with timescale, to bring the building back into use, including consideration of a council contribution to the refurbishment costs of the building in return for a 10-year lease.”

Minutes: none

7c Motion - School Places

  • Councillor Jo Morris will move and Councillor John Jackson will second:

  • This Council notes

  • Under the Conservative Administration, the Council had an excellent track record of delivering quality school places to meet the needs and abilities of all children in the Borough.

  • This has been delivered with committed investment in school capital projects totalling over £60m from Council and Developer funding and directly through Department for Education led projects.

  •  Over the last ten years, through a mix of expansion and new build, we have created:o   over 4700 primary school placeso   over 4500 secondary school placeso   In the SEND sector, 208 additional school places have been provided since 2017

  • Last Year 97.3% of primary aged children, and 87% of secondary aged children received their first choice of schools

  • This Council also accepts:

  • Increased pressure on school places is one of the factors that limits Parental Choice.

  • That the Cabinet Member for Education present a report to Cabinet within 3 months detailing how she will continue the excellent record of the previous administration and ensure that there are sufficient school places to meet demand in the borough for the next ten years.”

Minutes: none

8. New Policy Development and Scrutiny Arrangements

Minutes: none

9. Allocations of Seats to Political Groups and Appointments to Committees, Other Council Bodies and Outside Bodies

Minutes: none

10. Proposed Consultation on the Council Election Cycle

Minutes: none

11. Wiltshire Police and Crime panel

Minutes: none

12. Update on actions from Council motions

Minutes: none

13. Minutes of other Council Bodies

  • Members have the opportunity to raise questions with the relevant Chair in respect of all other Committee minutes (not reserved to Council for decision), as set out in the Minute Book circulated separately.

Minutes: none

14. Councillors Question Time

  • Questions (if any) of which notice has been given by Councillors in accordance with Standing Order 15

Minutes: none