Meeting Documents

1 . Prayers

  • Prayers

Minutes: none

2 . Apologies For Absence

  • To receive apologies for absence (if any)

Minutes: none

3 . Minutes

  • View Minutes
  • To sign as a true record the minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 23 November 2016

Minutes: none

4 . Disclosure of Interests

  • Members are invited to disclose any interest in any of the items on the agenda at this point of the meeting

  • Members may still disclose any interest in an item at any time prior to the consideration of the matter

Minutes: none

5 . Announcements by the Mayor, by the Leader of the Council or by the Chief Executive

  • To receive announcements (if any)

Minutes: none

6 . Petitions

  • To receive any petitions presented pursuant to Council Procedure Rule 23

  • No members have given notice of intention to present a petition

Minutes: none

7 . Council Tax Support Scheme 2017

Minutes: none

8 . National Scheme for Auditor Appointments

Minutes: none

9 . Amendments to the Constitution - Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules

Minutes: none

10 . Member's Questions

11 . Motions For Debate