Meeting Documents

1 . Chairman of the Council

  • To elect the Chairman of the Council for the 2018-2019 civic year.

  • Following the election, the chairman will make the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and address the Council.

2 . Vice Chairman of the Council

  • To appoint the Vice Chairman of the Council for the 2018-2019 civic year.Following the appointment, the Vice Chairman will make the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and address the Council.

3 . Apologies

  • To receive apologies for absence.

4 . Minutes

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  • To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 22 February 2018.

5 . Urgent Business

  • The chairman to identify any items of urgent business.

6 . Declarations of Interest

  • To receive any declarations of interest in any matter to be discussed at the meeting.  Members and officers are requested to identify the nature of the interest.

7 . Chairman's Announcements

  • Chairman's Announcements

7.1.  Armed Forces Day 2018

  • The chairman to announce that Armed Forces Day will be on 30 June 2018.  The Council will be flying the Armed Services Day flag and the chairman to invite members to attend the flag raising ceremony on Monday, 25 June 2018 at 10.00am at the Council Offices, Coleford.

8 . Member Questions

  • Member's Questions

8.1. Cllr Alen Preest

  • On the 24 Apr 18 the National Association of Local Councils welcomed a letter from the Government sent to billing authorities urging them to reconsider passing Local Council Tax support to Town and Parish Councils. The Government’s clear expectation is that billing authorities will work with Town and Parish Councils to pass down funding so that increases in their precepts can be avoided.How does FoDDC, as the billing authority, intend to work with Town and Parish Councils within the District on the Governments expectation?

8.2. Cllr Gareth Hughes

  • What liability and responsibility has the District Council taken on at Blakeney Weir with the proposed installation of an elver ladder?

8.3. Cllr Alan Preest

  • Why was the Full Council Meeting scheduled for 19 April 18 cancelled thereby denying members and the public their democratic right to ask questions? Can you confirm that questions had been submitted for this meeting before the decision was taken to cancel the meeting?

  • Please explain how a motion submitted by a member to the meeting on 19 April 18 is not regarded as Council business. Where in the Local Government Act 1972 and associated legislation does it state that motions are not Council business?

  • Who took the decision to approach the Council Chairman with a view to cancelling the Meeting and exactly what was said to the Chairman?

  • At what point was the Leader of the Council informed that the Meeting was to be cancelled or had been cancelled?

  • Do you not agree that it would have been good practice to consult with the Leaders of all political groups before taking a decision to cancel a Full Council Meeting? On the 17 April 18, the Council posted on Facebook what would appear to be an attempt to justify the cancellation of the Full Council Meeting. The post contained the following statement, “and issues about roads, potholes, schools and education are the responsibility of Gloucestershire County Council”Why was that statement included?What has the responsibilities of GCC got to do with this Council cancelling a Full Council Meeting?Who “signed off” the post before it was posted on Facebook?

9 . Political Composition of the Council and Formation of Political Groups

10 . Councillor Appointments

  • Councillor Appointments

10.1. Allocations of seats to political groups and appointments to committees and other Council bodies

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  • To consider report LD.614 and allocate committee seats to political groups and determine appointments to committees, permanent groups and panels.Please note that the council may be asked under this item to approve alternative arrangements to strict political proportionality for appointments to committees and other bodies in accordance with Regulation 20 of the Local Government (Committee and Political Groups) Regulations 1990.The Head of Paid Service to convene the first meeting of each committee to elect its chairman and vice chairman.

  • Additional Documents:

  • LD.614 Annex A Committee appts May 2018

11 . Member Champion Appointment

12 . Outside Bodies Appointments

  • Outside Bodies Appointments

12.1. Gloucestershire County Council Economic Growth Scrutiny Committee

  • To appoint a Councillor as deputy for the Gloucestershire County Council Economic Growth Scrutiny Committee for 2018-2019.

12.2. Gloucestershire Playing Fields Association

  • To appoint a Councillor for the Gloucestershire Playing Fields Association for 2018-2019.

13 . Review of Standards Committee and Constitutional Changes

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  • Cllr Gooch, Chairman of the Constitution Working Group, to present report LD.615.

14 . Notice of motions

  • Notice of Motions

14.1. Cllr Alan Preest

  • That this Council, without delay, formulates an ongoing working planning policy document that encompasses all aspects of Renewable Energy.

15 . Cabinet and scrutiny committee reports

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  • The Leader of the Council and the chairman of the scrutiny committee to report on recent activities, followed by questions from members. Depending on time the Chairman will rule and only take one question per member relating to reports

  • a)    Cabinet

  • b)    Strategic Overview and Scrutiny Committee

  • Additional Documents:

  • Strategic Overview and Scrutiny Committee report 220218doc

16 . Future Meetings

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  • Calendar of meetings 2018-2019 Civic Year. (attached).