Meeting Documents 

1 . Apologies 

  • To receive apologies for absence

2 . Minutes

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  • To confirm and sign the minutes of the planning committee meeting held on 22 January 2019.

3 . Urgent Business

  • The chairman to identify any items of urgent business

4 . Declarations of Interest

  • To receive any declarations of interest in any matter to be discussed at the meeting. Members and officers are requested to identify the nature of the interest

5 . Schedule of Applications

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  • To consider the schedule of applications as prepared by the Group Manager for Planning and Housing

5.1 P1038/18/FUL Clearwell Farm The Rocks Clearwell

  • Erection of a poultry house control room, plant room, siting of 2 No feed bins, backup generator, water tank and 2 No. gas tanks. Construction of a concrete apron and access road.  (Retrospective).

5.2 P1191/18/FUL Clearwell Farm The Rocks Clearwell

  • Erection of a poultry building. (Retrospective)

5.3 P1770/18/FUL Land Adjacent To Lords Hill / Pyart Court Colefore

  • Erection of a class A1 food store with associated car parking, amendments to the access with Old Station Way, servicing, landscaping and associated works.

5.4 P1893/18/FUL Plot 6 Forest Vale Road Cinderford

  • Erection of extension to provide new dispatch facility, additional cold store facilities, workshop and plant room building with associated works.

5.5 P1991/18/FUL The Old Church Scowles Coleford

  • Extension and change of use of existing domestic outbuilding (previously a cottage) to domestic dwelling.  (Revised Scheme) .

6 . Schedule of Enforcement

  • To consider the following planning enforcement reports: -

6.1 Enforcement Report

6.2 Enforcement Report

7 . Date Of Next Meeting

  • 12th March 2019