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1 . Planning Applications - Pagham

  • Planning Applications

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  • Members are reminded that prior to the adjournment of the meeting on 24 October 2018, the Committee had determined Planning Application P/140/16/OUT and therefore the decision taken to approve this application stands and there will be no further consideration of this application at this meeting.

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  • The Committee had received presentations and heard public speakers on Planning Application P/6/17/OUT. The Committee voted to reject the officer 1 recommendation of approval and had yet to agree an alternative proposal at the time of the Chairman’s adjournment of the meeting.

  • This meeting is being reconvened at the point of the adjournment and, in accordance with the Planning Local Code of Conduct Committee Process, the options open to the Committee are:

  • 1. to propose refusal of the application with clear reasons for this refusal; or

  • 2. to defer the application to a future meeting to enable a further officer report to be prepared covering the specific issues raised by Members.

  • The officer’s report is re-produced in this agenda, together with the officer update given at the meeting.

Minutes: none


  • The Committee is asked to consider the attached officer report and any officer update to be given at the meeting.

Minutes: none