1. Apologies for absence

2. Declarations of Interest

  • Members and Officers are reminded to make any declarations
  • of pecuniary, personal and/or prejudicial interests that they may have in
  • relation to items on this agenda and are reminded that they should re-declare
  • their interest before consideration of the item or as soon as the interest
  • becomes apparent.Members and officer should make their declaration by stating
  • : a) the application they have the interest in b) whether it is a pecuniary, personal and/or prejudicial c) the nature of the interest 
  • d) if it is a prejudicial or pecuniary interest, whether
  • they will be exercising their right to speak to the application

3. Minutes 

  • Minutes
  • To approve as a correct record of the Minutes of the meeting
  • of the Audit & Governance Committee held on xx xxxx xxxx as attached/as
  • previously circulated.

4. Items on the agenda that the Chairman of the meeting is of the opinion should be considered as a matter of urgency by reason of special circumstance

5. Independent Members' Remuneration Panel - Review of Special Responsibility allowances for 

  • ependent Members' Remuneration Panel - Review of Special Responsibility allowances for 2021  PDF 235 KB 
  • Attached is a covering report from the Chief Executive
  • outlining the review undertaken by the Independent Remuneration Panel of
  • Members Allowances. The panels review is also attached, and this will be
  • presented by Mr John Thompson MBE the Chairman of the Panel. The remaining
  • members of the Panel will also be in attendance to answer any questions that
  • members may have.Additional documents:
  • Item 10 - Interim Review 2020 FINAL , item 5. PDF 754 KB ,

6. Ernst & Young - Audit Results Report 

7. Statement of Accounts 2019/20

8. Annual Governance Statement 2019/20 

9. Treasury Management Mid-Year Report 

  • Treasury Management Mid-Year Report , report will be presented by the Senior Accountant, Sian
  • Southerton.

10. Data Protection Breach Overview 

11. Progress Against the Audit Plan

12. Information / Advisory documents received

13. Work Plan review 2020/21

  • Work Plan review 2020/21 
  • The Internal Audit Manager will update the Committee on any
  • changes to the rolling Work Plan for 2020/21.